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Shanghai Shockley information technology co. LTD

Shanghai Shockley was established in October 2005 (stock code: 870666), is a geared to the needs of China's electronics industry, based on the semiconductor chip, the application of technical services solutions for your business and products agent registered: China (Shanghai) free trade area, the registered capital: RMB 20.8 million. At present, the company agent of the brand with ROHM designed MURATA HYNIX NXP (IDH) 3 s ARTERY PUYA Fitipower Prisemi MOONS EBM MinebeaMitsumi Shockley has experienced technical research and development and marketing team, can be based on semiconductor chips, according to customer needs, to provide technical services and complete solutions, to help customers quickly and efficiently to complete product design and development company existing staff 105 people, including technical team with 20 people Company headquarters in Shanghai, at the same time in shenzhen Qingdao hefei xian offices in suzhou, wuhan in 2017, the company's annual sales of 750 million yuan not tax, covering mobile home appliance automotive electronic industrial areas such as new energy and Iot



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