Monthly Plans

Monthly Service Plan Options

A service plan consists of several different elements. Some do not apply to everyone so I have created the following options which are designed for different scenarios. If you don’t find one that fits, then send me a request and I will build a plan just for your specific needs.

Plan: A – Local Business Placement

Details: This is a service designed to help you get your company to the first page of all the major search engines in a designated area around your place of business. This will only work if you are looking to cover a relatively small area, but it will work well for that.

Monthly Cost: $59.99
Set Up Cost: $50.00 (one time fee)

Plan: B – Local Business Placement for Larger Areas

Details: This service is the same as plan A, but designed to better suit a larger company and can reach across several cities. The pricing for this plan is somewhat dependent on the size and scope of the area. The base plan including 3 cities is as follows.

Monthly Cost: $79.99+
Set Up Cost: $75.00 (one time fee)

Plan: C – Nationwide Marketing (USA only)

Details: If you plan to sell your services or products across the country, then this is the plan for you. Rather than trying to pay for each state individually, you can use this plan to save money and time. T o accomplish this several techniques will be used such as Google Adwords and Search Directory Marketing.

Monthly Cost: $599.99+
Set Up Cost: $249.00 (one time fee)

Plan: D – Social Media, Video Marketing and Blogging

Details: Social Media has become a very major part of SEO and SEM. All social media marketing will be continually updated and optimized.

  • Social Media – Mysapce, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.
  • Video Marketing – Custom 30sec to 5min Video and Optimization.
  • Blogging – WordPress or other Blog base with weekly Unique Content.
Monthly Cost: $29.00+
Set Up Cost: $149.00 (one time fee)